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Alyson M. Laderman, Esq.

Florida Attorney, Counselor & Mediator

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Florida attorney Alyson M. Laderman represents medical providers as plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation and first-party insurance disputes, including PIP disputes. Alyson is a Supreme Court Certified Circuit and County Mediator, practicing in Florida law since 2003.

Considered the go-to professional in medical PIP recovery throughout Florida, Alyson and her team are regularly sought out as consultants for large legal practices to help them provide strategy for the most complicated insurance denial cases. She has mentored many lawyers as they attempt to navigate the ever- changing world of PIP recovery law.

Since a considerable number of law firms take a one-size-fits-all approach, their success rate is considerably lower than Alyson’s. Every case is different; therefore, every strategy needs to be considered. Long known for her pragmatic approach, Alyson, has recovered millions of dollars in lost revenue for her clients by knowing the laws and statutes better than the insurance companies. Alyson Laderman is a formidable legal force.

Beyond that, Alyson is, first and foremost, a person. Her approach to life and law are similar: Enjoy what you do and find a balance so you can have it all.

Alyson is a lawyer, wife, and most importantly, a mom. She approaches her client relationships with balance, accomplishing case success and recovery of funds while treating others with respect. This outlook explains why so many of Alyson’s clients become lifelong friends.

Alyson believes in transparency, keeping you informed of case progress and answering any questions as they arise. Plus, we regularly provide financial and status updates, so you know how much we’ve recovered for you and the current standing of any pending matters.

Contact us today to learn how your healthcare practice can recover PIP revenue you may be owed under the law. The consultation is free, and the insurance company covers our costs if we prevail, so the only downside is not recovering the money your practice could be entitled to.

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