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PIP Insurance Litigation
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Put Alyson Laderman's

Experience To Work For You

Florida attorney Alyson M. Laderman specializes in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Litigation disputes. She represents medical practices and medical service providers as plaintiffs in commercial litigation and first-party insurance disputes. Alyson is also a Supreme Court Certified Circuit and County Mediator. She has practiced Florida law since 2003.

Throughout Florida, numerous legal firms are positioning themselves as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) experts; however, the majority have very little strategy or experience in the PIP arena. To most firms, PIP litigation is simply a numbers game where cases are filed en masse as a high-volume, single strategy approach, meaning they view every single case as if it were exactly the same. As a nationally recognized litigator, Alyson Laderman can assure you that no two cases are identical and the strategy varies based on circumstances. To win your case, you need a seasoned professional in the rapidly changing area of statutory law. Our team is considered one of the best-informed legal teams in the State of Florida. Our expertise is what makes Alyson Laderman’s team different. 

We are proud to be different, not only in our approach to PIP law, but also in the relationship with our clients and their respective case files.

Alyson approaches medical provider engagements from a real-world standpoint and brings an exceptionally skilled staff with her. Our clients are not another billing code. When we go to work, we work for you. The insurance company pays our fees should we prevail, while your practice receives the funds you may be owed. We are transparent in our process and are focused on helping you recoup lost revenue, delivering a greater than 80% litigation success rate.

We assist with many real-world business needs:

•    Employment litigation issues
•    Employment questions
•    Handbook questions 
•    Non-disclosure agreements
•    Lease agreements
•    Lease dispute
•    Corporate disputes


We are here to support these or any other issues that may arise.

Alyson Laderman’s approach is to help you maximize the benefits of having a successful litigator, blended with transparency of process, and drive-increased revenue without disrupting your practice. We succeed when you succeed, which is the foundation of a worthwhile business relationship.

Contact us today to learn how your healthcare practice can recover PIP revenue you may be owed under the law. The consultation is free, and the insurance company covers our costs should we prevail, so the only downside is not recovering the money your practice could be entitled to.

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