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Experience To Work For You

Florida attorney Alyson M. Laderman is a Partner at Bloodworth Law, PLLC. She represents plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation and first-party insurance disputes, including personal injury protection (PIP) litigation disputes. Alyson is also a Supreme Court Certified Circuit and County Mediator. She has practiced Florida law since 2003.

Throughout Florida, numerous law firms are trying their hands at PIP [Personal Injury Protection] law. They play it as though it is a numbers game, filing cases en masse, high-volume and cookie-cutter, e.g. every single case looking exactly the same from one to the next. Or, quite often, they handle those cases in a way that is part of their personal / bodily injury practice.

At Bloodworth Law, we are proud to be different than all other law firms in not only our approach to PIP law, but in our approach to our clients and their respective files.

For at Bloodworth Law, we treat our medical doctors as the individual clients that they are. We ensure that each doctor receives individualized attention. And, unlike so many other firms, we have the resources available within Bloodworth Law to be their in-house legal counsel for any of their additional business needs.

Because although our medical providers are healthcare practices, they are also respective businesses that have real-world business needs. Whether employment litigation issues, or employment questions or handbook questions of any kind, to non-disclosure agreements, lease agreements, lease disputes, corporate disputes, or any other issues that come up in a respective medical business, we are there to assist.

Active engagement. No guessing games. And transparency. All the while minimizing interruption to your practice, while maximizing the benefits and your profit. Our PIP team wants you to succeed on all fronts. And with Bloodworth Law, you don't just get its PIP team. You get access to our entire firm to help support your business as your one-stop-shop law firm.

Contact us now to see how your healthcare practice may receive PIP monies you may be owed under the law. It would be our pleasure to work with -- and represent -- you. 


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